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At Little Sprouts Preschool, we believe in developing the whole child--that is, physically, mentally, social-emotionally, and spiritually--through age appropriate play-based activities.
Our program balances structure and free-choice, including child intiated play as well as teacher directed activities. We treat each child with love and respect as a unique individual, created in the image of and loved by God. Our curriculum encourages children to love themselves, peers, others in the community, and all creation.

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Little Sprouts Preschool
2626 e16TH St, Oakland, CA 94601
A ministry of New Hope Covenant Church


Little Sprouts Preschool Philosophy

At the Little Sprouts Preschool we provide a rich and varied school environment that encourages the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of children. We respect children’s individual needs, skills, and interests and allow them to explore and grow at their own pace. Our program balances structure and choice play, such as child initiated play, teacher directed activities, self-regulated skills, creative expression and following directions. We seek to increase children’s respect of and relatedness with other members of their classroom community, laying the foundation for the development of healthy interdependence in life. 
We treat each child with love and respect as a unique individual, created in the image of and loved by God. We encourage children to love themselves, others, and all creation. We are a non-denominational, nonprofit Christian school and we welcome families from all backgrounds and faith traditions.


We offer children developmentally appropriate experiences in art, literature, language arts, gross and fine motor skills reading and writing readiness, music, science, dramatic art, gym, social skills, and problem solving. 
We expect our program to: 
  • Provide developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to grow in independence, responsibility, creativity, and self-expression.
  • Nurture intellectual curiosity and a disposition for learning.
  • Develop self-esteem through emotional growth, social and spiritual development, and the development of competencies.
  • Maintain limits on behavior in a way that enables inner impulse-control.
  • Stimulate an awareness of God’s love.

”Academics” through Play

We believe children actively learn through play. Words, numbers, letters, color names, shapes, etc., are presented to children as part of the world around them and not as “academics” they have to master. By presenting concepts and symbols repeatedly and in natural developmentally appropriate ways, we believe ALL of our students will learn the alphabet, numbers, and colors by the time they complete the PreK class, but there is no pressure or timeline involved. Our academic goals are to foster intellectual curiosity, keep children excited about learning, and help them to develop a sense of confidence and competence in a school environment.


A consistent, yet flexibly followed, daily schedule offers children the opportunity to develop routines, prepare for transitions, and play and learn in a low-anxiety environment. Actual schedules are posted in the classrooms, but each day will allow time for all of the following activities: 
  • Indoor Free Play and Projects: Each day we begin with free choice play. Children may choose from blocks, puzzles, dress-up clothes, playhouses, books, manipulatives/table toys, and arts and project materials. These are all within t heir reach and available throughout the day. Children are given ample time and space to imagine, explore, and play cooperatively. During this time, children also have the opportunity to work on multi-level, multi-sensory, multi-objective projects, which have been designed and presented with an emphasis on process and exploration rather than product.
  • Circle Time: Children gather in a large group for singing, playing games, musical instruments, skits, movement, reading a story or a puppet show. Circle time is one of the most teacher-directed activities here at Little Sprouts, but even so there are many choices and opportunities to creatively thrive. Some of this time may be used for simple Bible Stories and praying for each other. We encourage children to love God, themselves, others and all of creation.
  • Outdoor Free Play: Our climbing structure-equipped with horizontal and vertical ladders, and slide- is just one of the features of our outdoor play area. We also provide a large sandbox, play houses, one and two person tricycles, quiet book area, balls, and water play to spark imaginative play and develop gross motor skills.   
       On rainy days, we have the option to use the covered outdoor space, which includes the wooden play house, sandbox, and slide/climbing structure. Or, we use the indoor play space that we use for gym time, which includes equipment such as indoor basketball, tumbling mats, tunnels, and a slide.  


LSP operates year round but closes on national holidays and between Christmas and New Years. The school has a variety of attendance options for children 2-6 years old:
- 2 days (Tuesday & Thursday)
- 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
- 5 days (Monday - Friday)

Ours hours of operation are 7:30am - 6:00pm (Flexible scheduling available)
Competitive Rates starting at $450/month (part-time schedule)
We have two classrooms grouped primarily by age, but we do many activities together. Classes have a low teacher to student ratio. Our goal is to place your child in the class that is developmentally appropriate for him/her, according to the differing maturational levels and temperaments of children.
If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call the director, Krystal Wood, at 510-533-5667 or via email using the Contact Form.
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