Our Neighborhood

New Hope's Neighborhood:
the Lower
San Antonio District of Oakland

  • Zip Code 94601, where over 40% are foreign-born, some 25% live below the poverty line, and barely 50% of adults are high school graduates
  • Day laborers
  • Native American Health Center
  • African American, Latino, and Tongan churches
  • Southeast Asian American shopkeepers
  • Euro American + Latino American oldtimers and newcomers
  • Neighborhood meetings translated into Spanish, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mien, and Bosnian
  • Site of a major publicsmall schools restructuring experiment
  • Taco Truck capital of the world, alongside reliable phõ


Coming Up . . .


Contact Us

church office:
2626 E. 16th St.
Oakland, CA 94601
Dan Schmitz, lead pastor

sunday service:
Youth Employment Partnership (YEP)
23rd Ave. x International Blvd.

little sprouts preschool:
2626 E. 16th St.
Sandy Smith, director
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